Formulation Philosophy

With all Karmic Skin formulas containing only 0-5% water, both your skin and our planet reap significant benefits. Here’s how.

Karmic Skin Concentrate Formulas vs Water Based Skincare

Better for Your Skin

Mild, Natural Preservatives

Water encourages the growth of mould and bacteria, necessitating the use of strong preservatives in water-based cosmetics. These preservatives, whether chemical or natural, are meant to kill these unwanted organisms.

bacteria in water based skincare

However, some of these preservatives can be harmful in the long-term to human health and the environment, while others may cause skin irritation. Regardless, preservatives are not ideal.

Concentrate formulas let us eliminate the need for harsh chemical preservatives in our vegan skincare products. Instead, we use mild, natural preservatives that are safe for both your skin and the planet.


Multifunctional vegan organic skincare products UK

We find 10-step skincare routines absurd. Concentrate formulas are much more potent than their water-based counterparts, allowing for multifunctionality.

Instead of 10 steps and products, we promote a less-is-more approach (3-4 steps at most). This method is better for your skin, your time, and your wallet.


Inflammaging is a chronic, low-grade inflammation that most people experience as they age. Though asymptomatic, it accelerates the ageing process of all organs, including the skin.

skin inflammaging causing wrinkles and dark spots

This process weakens the skin barrier, breaking down elastin and collagen, leading to wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin tone and texture. To slow down inflammaging, it’s crucial to eliminate even asymptomatic inflammation.

Karmic Skin formulas are free from irritants that cause inflammation and include anti-inflammatory ingredients to soothe ongoing inflammatory processes.

Nourishing the Skin Barrier

Recent dermatologic research confirms what Ayurveda has known for centuries — the condition of our skin microbiome (the community of bacteria living in harmony with our skin) and the skin barrier is essential for skin health, rejuvenation, and functionality.

karmic skin moisturiser to nourish the skin barrier

Just as a balanced gut microbiome is vital for a functioning immune system, a balanced skin microbiome is crucial for healthy skin. Preservatives, designed to eliminate bacteria, can disrupt the natural microbiome balance, hindering the skin’s ability to self-regulate and self-hydrate.

This disruption can also be caused by chemical toxins found in many cosmetic products. A malfunctioning microbiome leads to dry skin, eczema, acne, and premature ageing.

Karmic Skin formulas help maintain a balanced microbiome by avoiding disruptive toxins and preservatives, whilst boosting it with antioxidants.

Better for Our Planet

Reduced Consumption

karmic skin day moisturiser with spf for all day hydration

While multifunctionality benefits your skin and saves you time, it also has a positive impact on the planet. Producing and shipping unnecessary product units generate excessive CO2 emissions and extra packaging.

Our products aim to break the mindless cycle of over-consumption.

Harmless to Nature & Ecosystems

karmic skin uses non toxic ingredients that is safe for the planet

By removing preservatives and other toxic ingredients from our formulas, we ensure that our products do not harm or pollute water, living organisms, or ecosystems.

Given that many countries lack advanced water treatment systems, we wanted our products to be safe regardless of where they are used. You can safely pour Karmic Skin products in open nature, though we recommend applying them to your skin instead.

Low Carbon Footprint Strategy

karmic skin products have a 70% smaller carbon footprint

A typical cosmetic product contains 70-95% water as a "filler," which doesn't contribute to the product's effectiveness. This practice allows for larger volumes at a lower cost (since water is essentially free), though it necessitates the use of preservatives.

The issue is that extra water leads to 70-95% additional and unnecessary packaging, weight, and space during shipment, activities that are major sources of CO2 emissions.

By eliminating water from our formulations, we reduce CO2 emissions by 70-95%, offering you 100% pure skincare for your money.

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