Maximising the Benefits of Your Serum: How Long Until I See Results?

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Using a serum is a powerful step in any skincare routine, but seeing results can take some time. Here’s what to expect when using serums in your daily self care routine.

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When to Expect Results

Immediate Effects

Some benefits, such as hydration and a slight glow, can be noticed immediately after application. Ingredients like bakuchiol provide instant moisture, plumping the skin.

2-4 Weeks

Visible improvements in skin texture, tone, and overall radiance typically start to appear within 2-4 weeks. This is because skin cell turnover takes about 28 days, and active ingredients in serums begin to make a noticeable impact during this cycle. For example, a nourishing Vitamin C day serum will brighten the skin and reduce pigmentation over time.

6-8 Weeks

For more significant changes, such as reduced fine lines and improved firmness, it can take 6-8 weeks. Ingredients like bakuchiol, found in the best skin serums, promote collagen production, leading to smoother, firmer skin.

Scientific Evidence

  1. Vitamin C: Studies have shown that Vitamin C can improve skin brightness and reduce hyperpigmentation with consistent use over 8 weeks.
  2. Bakuchiol: Clinical trials have demonstrated that bakuchiol has similar effects to retinol in reducing signs of aging, typically visible after 12 weeks of regular use.
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Tips for Best Results

  • Consistency: Apply your serum every day, both morning and night, to see the best results.
  • Complementary Products: Pair serums with moisturisers and sunscreens to protect and enhance their effects. Remember to listen to your skin and to add additional layers of moisture if your skin needs it


Seeing results from serums takes time and consistency. Immediate hydration can be noticed right away, while significant improvements typically appear within 4-8 weeks. Incorporating serums into your daily skincare routine can lead to a brighter, firmer, and more youthful complexion.

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