Dynamic Duo: Pairing Face Serum with Moisturiser

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The combination of face serum and moisturiser is like burger and fries. You could have one without the other, or you can have them together. It just really depends on what you wish to achieve and how your skin behaves.

However, with the rise of sophisticated skincare routines in the UK, understanding how to effectively marry these two products is key to enhancing their benefits. This guide will walk you through the synergy of face serums and moisturisers, both for evening use and for daytime application.

Understanding the Serum and Moisturiser Combo
The Role of Face Serum
Serums are lightweight formulations designed to deliver high concentrations of active ingredients directly into the skin. They are typically water-based, allowing for deeper penetration and targeting specific skin concerns such as aging, hydration, or pigmentation. The use of a face serum in UK skincare routines has become increasingly popular due to their efficacy.

The Importance of Moisturiser
Moisturisers, on the other hand, are thicker and designed to create a barrier on the skin's surface. They help to lock in hydration and protect the skin from environmental factors.

The Synergy of Serum and Moisturiser

Enhanced Penetration and Hydration
When used together, serums and moisturisers can offer enhanced benefits. The serum penetrates deep into the skin, delivering concentrated active ingredients, while the moisturiser seals in these benefits, providing hydration and protection.

Customisable Skincare
This combination allows for a customisable skincare routine. For instance, Karmic's Sunlight Serum can be paired with Top of the Morning for a daytime routine, offering protection and hydration suitable for morning use. However, always remember to finish with SPF during the daytime.

How to Pair Serums and Moisturisers

Morning Routine
Start your day with a serum like Karmic's Sunlight Serum, which is formulated to protect against daytime stressors. Follow it up with Top of the Morning moisturiser, providing SPF protection and a perfect base for makeup.

Evening Routine
At night, opt for a repairing serum like Karmic's Moonlight Serum, which works its magic while you sleep. Pair it with the Richie Rich Rich moisturiser to deeply nourish and repair the skin overnight.

Application Tips
  • Apply the serum to clean, damp skin to enhance absorption.
  • Wait a few minutes for the serum to fully penetrate.
  • Follow with a layer of moisturiser to seal in the serum and add hydration.

Choosing the Right Combination

For Dry Skin
If you have dry skin, look for a hydrating serum with ingredients like hyaluronic acid and pair it with a rich, emollient moisturiser.

For Oily Skin
For oily skin, choose a lightweight, non-comedogenic serum and moisturiser to balance oil production without clogging pores.

For Sensitive Skin
Those with sensitive skin should opt for fragrance-free, gentle formulations that soothe and protect the skin.

Benefits of the Serum and Moisturiser Combo

Targeted Treatment and Hydration
This combination allows you to target specific skin concerns with the serum while ensuring overall hydration and protection with the moisturiser.

Layering for Efficacy
Layering these products can enhance the efficacy of each, providing comprehensive skincare benefits.

Adaptability to Skin Needs
The ability to mix and match serums and moisturisers makes it easier to adapt your
skincare routine to changing skin needs and seasons.


Can I use serum alone?
While serums can be used alone, pairing them with a moisturiser ensures that the skin remains hydrated and protected.

How often should I apply serum and moisturiser?
It's recommended to apply serum and moisturiser twice daily, in the morning and at night, as part of your skincare routine.

Are there serums for specific skin concerns?
Yes, there are serums formulated for various skin concerns like aging, hydration, brightening, etc.

Pairing a face serum with a moisturiser is a game-changer in skincare routines, offering enhanced hydration, treatment, and protection. Understanding how to effectively combine these products can significantly improve skin health and appearance. Whether you're using Karmic's Moonlight Serum and Richie Rich Rich for your nighttime routine or Sunlight Serum and Top of the Morning for the day, the right serum and moisturiser combo can be your ticket to glowing, healthy skin.

Take the Karmic Skin Quiz to find the perfect serum and moisturiser pair for your skin type and concerns.

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